About One Big Bin

Why One Big Bin?

One Big Bin is recycling and disposal made easy where you live, work and play. One bin allows Placer County residents and visitors to easily and conveniently recycle – anywhere and everywhere in the county – allowing everyone to participate in recycling. One bin also makes it easy for us – you toss, we sort – which means we are able to easily remove recyclable materials based on market demand and you don’t have to worry about what goes into which bin, which can often change as recycling markets fluctuate. One bin also means fewer bins to pick up so there are fewer trucks on the road.

Materials Recovery Facility

How You Can Help

We work hard to make disposal simple for you.

You toss it in, but you can also help by keeping items out of the bin that can harm waste collectors, sorters and the environment. Common household items like paint, batteries, electronics, sharps and medications can’t be placed in your bin but can still be easily disposed or recycled. Keeping these items out of your bin means our sorters can focus on recovering recyclables.

Free disposal options

In addition to doing the dirty work, we offer free drop-off and pick-up for those items that you’re keeping out of your bin.

HHW can be dropped off at the WPWMA’s facility every day 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. The Auburn, Foresthill and Meadow Vista Transfer Stations also accept limited HHW items.

You can also have certain HHW & electronic items picked up at your door! Call your hauler to find out if this service is available where you live.

There are numerous places to drop off things like batteries, newspaper and cardboard. Click for locations near you.