3 Ways to Reduce and Reuse Household Waste

3 Ways to Reduce and Reuse Household Waste
March 10, 2019 obb_admin

3 Ways to Reduce and Reuse Household Waste

Everyone wants to make better choices for the environment and their home. But putting those good intentions into action can be hard when tossing your trash is so easy! Here are three simple ways to make reducing and reusing your household waste a no brainer.

Reduce Plastic Waste

Is your One Big Bin constantly filled to the brim with plastic? Even if you diligently recycle what plastic items you can, the best option for the environment is to simply reduce the amount of plastic you go through. Here’s how:

  1. Invest in reusable water bottles and stop buying cases of plastic ones.
  2. Collect reusable bags. Keep a few in your car so you’ll have them handy for even last-minute grocery runs.
  3. Stop using plastic utensils. You deserve to eat off of real utensils anyway, don’t you agree?

Reuse Common Household Items

Before you toss something, take a moment to think of ways you can give it a new life in your home. A few examples include:

  1. Use empty (and well-rinsed) dish soap bottles to perfectly pour pancake batter, or to water hard-to-reach plants.
  2. Use paper towel and toilet paper rolls to organize cords, necklaces, and hair ties. They also make great boot trees!
  3. Turn old T-shirts into workout tanks or upcycled pillows.

Stock Up on Reusable Containers

Airtight glass or metal containers will keep food longer than flimsy cardboard boxes or plastic wrap. Scour your local grocery stores for what foods are available to buy in bulk, and then fill your reusable containers to your heart’s content!

For non-food items, keep shoe boxes and other packaging boxes handy to store off-season clothes, paperwork, or anything else that might need organizing in your home.

It takes a little bit of creative thinking to make better choices when it comes to your trash. For more convenient, eco-friendly tips, visit: https://www.onebigbin.com.